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Top-Rated Roofing Supplies For Certified Installers

Chances are you go through a lot of products at your roofing company. Materials, products, and more can add up, costing your business quite a lot of money. That’s why you want to find the best possible deals for your roofing company. Here at One Coat Roof Seal, the providers of the top-rated roof sealing products on the market, we want to help your roofing business save money while also offering the best roofing products for your customers possible. At One Coat, we offer our roofing products for wholesale purchase for certified installers. Keep scrolling to learn more about our wholesale products, or contact One Coat Roof Seal to answer any questions and to get started today.

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Roofing Products We Offer:

  • Roof sealant

  • Liquid primer

  • Roof liquid membrane

  • Kitchen & bathroom sealant

  • Painter’s caulk

  • Gutter & roof sealant

  • And more!

What You Can Get At One Coat

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Roofing Supplies





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Hybrid Sealants

Who Is One Coat Roof Seal?

One Coat Roof Seal is the top-rated roofing supply company in the United States. We’re a California-based women-owned company that specializes in wholesale roofing supply for certified installers. We feature a complete line of sealing products for roofs, gutters, bathrooms, kitchens, and just about everything else any property would need. With over 40 years of experience in the roofing industry, we specialize in roofing supply and distribution to help roofing companies all over the country provide even better services for their customers. Our top-rated roof sealant, “One Coat Roof Seal”, is an alternative sealant to elastomerics, GRP, PU, silicone, and bitumen coatings of all kinds. When you want the best roof sealing products for your company, partner with One Coat today.

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Why Partner With One Coat Roof Seal?

Where other silicone roof coating membranes require multiple applications for optimal results, One Coat Roof Seal roof coating starts protecting your roof after, well, one coat. It can also stand up to extreme weather conditions, large temperature variations, and high UV exposure without cracking or warping.

When you partner with One Coat, not only do you get access to some of the best roofing supplies around, but you’ll also get wholesale prices on the products your company uses the most, helping your business save money. Contact One Coat Roof Seal to get more information and to partner with our roof supply company today!

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Benefits Of Buying Wholesale

Buying your roofing supplies wholesale has some major benefits, especially when you’re getting your materials from One Coat Roof Seal. Keep reading to learn more about some of the benefits that come along with ordering your roofing supplies wholesale from One Coat.

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Lower Prices

Just about every company has to buy products from other companies, with roofing companies being no exception. Normally, the prices you have to pay for these materials or supplies are fixed as whoever you’re buying them from also needs to make money in order to continue their business as well. However, when you purchase materials wholesale, you often get a discount depending on the amount of materials you’re looking to purchase. Even though you’re purchasing more materials, you’ll often save money buying the same products at wholesale than you would at normal prices. This helps every company get the materials they need while also saving money at the same time.

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Brand Familiarity

Knowing what you’re talking about is important when you’re a business owner or manager. You’ll want to know everything about the materials you’re using, as well as the people and other companies you’re doing business with. The best way to get to know the materials you’re working with is with brand familiarity. Brand familiarity comes with a strong partnership with a reputable company similar to your own. Here at One Coat, we provide information and transparency about our products as well as the best application processes for them when you partner with our company. Not only does this help your roofing business by giving you information about the products and materials you’re using, it also helps strengthen the bond between two amazing companies who always have their customers’ best interests at heart.

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Compete With Larger Companies

Larger companies have more access to more resources, which is something every small business owner understands. While there’s nothing wrong with that, it can make it harder for smaller companies to get a foothold in certain industries and locations. This also applies to the roofing industry, as many major companies have the means to market their services and are also able to acquire larger amounts of materials to meet their customers’ needs. One of the best ways to keep your small business competitive is to buy your supplies wholesale. Wholesale gives your business the supplies it needs to compete with larger, more well known companies. On top of that, when your company saves money on the supplies it needs while also knowing that you’re using superior products and materials to the “brand name” businesses, you can run circles around them with ease.

Are you ready to partner with One Coat Roof Seal and start gaining the benefits of becoming a certified installer of our top-rated roof sealant? Contact One Coat to answer any questions you may have and get started with a free quote today!

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Roofing Products We Offer

Here at One Coat Roof Seal, we provide a number of amazing roofing products to help roofing companies of all sizes get the materials they need to help make their customers happy. Keep reading to learn more about some of the wholesale products you can find here at One Coat Roof Seal.

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Liquid Membrane

Looking to help your customers keep their roof intact for a long time? Then our Seal It liquid roof membrane is exactly what your roofing company needs. This professional grade hybrid roof treatment can help roofs of all shapes and sizes keep moisture, debris, and pests out. Our high performance roofing barrier is solvent-free and non-flammable, making it safer and easier to use than traditional liquid roofing barriers. This water resistant, self leveling, and non-shrinking flexible roof sealant can also be used in extreme weather conditions without cracking or breaking. Learn more about our liquid roof sealant and be sure to order your supply of our Seal It roof coating online today!

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Edging Sealant

With roofs of all sizes, the edges can often be the hardest part to protect. Edging sealant needs to be strong and durable, able to withstand things like constant weathering, extreme temperatures, pests, and other problematic things that could potentially damage the roof and property as a whole. If you’re looking for the best roof edging sealant for your company, then look no further than Seal It edging sealant from One Coat Roof Seal. Our hybrid edge sealant won’t shrink, making it the perfect option to seal cracks, fissures, joints, and more on any style roof. When used with our Seal It liquid membrane, you get a roof coating that can’t be beat. Learn more about our professional edging sealant and order yours online today!

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Gutter Sealant

Gutters are an important part of any property. They help carry water and debris safely away from the property’s foundation, giving companies and homeowners peace of mind without many even realizing it. However, in order for gutters to work properly, they’ll need to be attached properly first. With Bond It Gutter & Roof Plus sealant, your company can help properties of all sizes attach and seal gutters. Our premium grade roofing silicone is compatible with lead and most common building materials, while also standing up to harsh weather and extreme temperatures. Learn more about our gutter sealant, and be sure to get your Bond It Gutter & Roof Plus sealant online from One Coat today!

Want to learn more about all of our roofing supplies we offer here at One Coat? Browse our online store to find the perfect roofing products for your business, and be sure to contact us to learn more about our wholesale program.

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