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High-quality sealants can be used for roofing projects as well as in bathrooms, kitchens, around windows, doors, and more. One Coat Roof Seal can supply all of the sealants you need for any project. Browse our entire selection today.

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Roofing Supplies

At One Coat Roof Seal, we provide a number of high-quality and top-rated roofing products to help roofing companies get what they need for every project. Check out our wholesale prices on roofing supplies today.

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Silicones & Hybrid Sealants

Projects of all shapes and sizes need silicone or hybrid sealants. At One Coat Roof Seal in California, you can find the best products at wholesale prices for your roofing company to keep in stock. Shop our collection today.

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Why Choose Us?

Not only is One Coat Roof Seal a women-owned company based in California, but we also have an exclusive line of roofing products and sealants that roofing companies can purchase at wholesale prices as well as individually. We supply roofing materials for companies all across the United States and we feature a complete line of products for roofs, gutters, bathrooms, kitchens, and more. When it comes to getting the supplies and materials you need for any kind of sealing project in your home or the homes of your customers, there really is no better choice than One Coat Roof Seal.

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Roofing Supplies for Certified Installers

As the owner or manager of a roofing company, you know better than anyone how much money goes into getting high-quality supplies like sealants for each roofing job you take on. That’s why, at One Coat Roof Seal in California, we wanted to provide our partner roofing companies with more affordable prices on wholesale supplies. The best part? We never compromise on quality. Our products are made by US-based manufacturers and leaders in the industry. Ready to get started? Contact us today.

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Looking for Quality Roofing Supplies at Wholesale Prices?

One Coat Roof Seal has everything you need. Shop today.

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Problems With Current Roofing Materials

Many roofing companies across the country are still using acrylics and silicones for their sealing needs. However, there are a number of problems that keep coming up with these materials. For one, acrylics can crack after long periods of UV exposure, and silicone is thinner with a significantly longer drying time. In fact, it can take almost 48-hours for silicone sealant to fully dry, and then another coat or two will be needed.

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Our Solution

At One Coat Roof Seal in California, we’ve delivered a superior alternative to traditional acrylic and silicone applications that can save time and money while increasing durability. One Coat Roof Seal 100% Waterproof Barrier will not harden, soften, or crack even under extreme temperatures. It is resistant to UV rays, exposure to chemicals, solvents, and acid rain, and the best part? It only takes one coat application. This is just one of the many high-quality roofing products and sealant solutions that we offer at One Coat Roof Seal in California. Stop wasting valuable time and money on low-quality products that you can’t trust to do their job efficiently, and start ordering your products from One Coat Roof Seal today.

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What Our Products Can Restore

At One Coat Roof Seal, our partnering roofing companies rely on the products we offer for a number of roofing projects, gutter jobs, and more. In fact, our products can help restore and seal old roofs on apartment buildings, luxury homes, business buildings, and more. Whether you’re a business owner or not, anyone can purchase our liquid membrane or waterproof barrier to help protect their home or business and reinforce the strength that a quality roof should provide. Both roofing companies and individuals alike can use our One Coat Roof Seal products, and the satisfaction of our customers is guaranteed.

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Save Money

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Know Your Products

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Build Your Business

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Become a Certified Installer

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At One Coat Roof Seal in California, we aim to provide only the best roofing supplies and sealants for every customer and roofing company across the country. No matter what kind of project you’re getting ready to tackle for your home or the home of your customers, choose a high-quality sealant that you can rely on. Choose One Coat Roof Seal for your roofing products and supplies today.

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